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Mauricio performs Mentalism, an ancient performing art in his own unique way. Those who have witnessed him have had their minds read through special psychological techniques. With these special abilities, he can pluck the secret PIN code out of people’s minds, influence actions that people will do or things they will say. With his trained skills, he can not only control people’s actions, but also demonstrate how he is able to bend and shatter objects like spoons, keys, coins, nails, wineglasses, light bulbs, change the characteristics of materials, and even move things from a distance. Is it real? Come and find out!

This is only an intro to what you will see, for his show includes a variety of mind bending surprises. Using a unique blend of hypnosis and psychological mind control, the impossible becomes real.

We'd like to invite you to check out the rest of this site and find out more about Mauricio's abilities, his life and what he can do for your next event.

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