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Please click on each of the following sections to read about the different services that Mauricio offers. Whether your event is for 10, 50 or 1000+ people, Mauricio uses different methodologies to effectively deliver your message and achieve your goals.


Corporate entertainment at its best. This show consists of pure entertainment and demonstrations of the art of Mentalism. This includes body language reading, lie detection, bending spoons and forks, predictions and direct mind reading. This is an amazing experience and unlike many other entertainers, Mauricio doesn't ridicule audience members or their intelligence. In his performances there are lots of fun and intriguing mysteries and surprises, including seemingly impossible feats of mind control and mind over matter, opening the minds of everyone present. Spectators become witness to a unique and amazing experience that is guaranteed to have never been seen before.


In the first half of the presentation, spectators witness a complete demonstration of super memory and are in turn taught special techniques and motivated to increase their productivity and use their mind more efficiently. The second half is dedicated to entertaining everyone with the same psychological techniques used in the regular Mentalism show. Mauricio hands every person in assistance a manual designed by him so they can learn to read body language, detect lies and persuade. Everyone at your event will leave very inspired and ready to change their normal way of thinking.


Want your trade show booth to be the most popular? Mauricio will ensure that your stand is always full of people, generating hundreds if not thousands of quality leads for your company. Mauricio uses many specialized techniques to make this happen. This can be done successfully for clients in fluent English and Spanish.


Mauricio is more than happy to accommodate any special requirements you may have. Whether it is a product launch, trade show, or even a bizarre performance, he has plenty of experience in all sorts of locations. If it is a private party at your house, or simply a one on one experience by yourself, you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable time, what Mauricio does best.

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